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We are an organisation that operates multiple distribution centres in multiple countries in multiple currencies.

To help service you better your items will be dispatched from the location, that your show, team or event is warehoused. For enquiries pertaining to your order, please refer to our contact details below.


Australia - General Orders

P: +61 2 9921 5353
E:  order@playbill.com.au

M: Playbill Pty Ltd
     PO Box 410
     Paddington NSW 2021


Australia - Stadium Store: Football & SFS/SCG Orders

P: +61 2 9357 3388
E: stadiumstore@playbill.com.au

M: Stadium Store
     c/- Playbill Pty Ltd
     PO Box 410
     Paddington NSW 2021


New Zealand - NZ Warriors & NZ Breakers

P: +64 9 571 1607
E: officenz@playbill.co.nz

M: Playbill NZ Limited
     PO Box 112187
     Auckland 1642 New Zealand



E: order@playbill.com.au

M: Platypus Productions LLC
     c/- NSBN LLP
     9454 Wilshire Blvd
     4th Floor
     Beverley Hills
     CA 90212